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How to Keep Wooden Handrails Clean?

Posted by kellysimpson230909 on February 7, 2012

Wooden handrails could cause a sticky texture, due to wrong handrails’ cleaning products, body oils, and of course; the dirty hands. Since the stair handrails are almost utilized every time as you or almost all the members of your home keep climbing up and down, it’s crucial to free them off any texture and keep them neat and clean as much as possible. It is very simple to keep clean the sticky residue off the handrails. You simply need to be having a few minutes and a few low-cost cleaning supplies.

Things you will require!
• Baby wipes
• Water
• Vinegar
• Spray bottle
• Cleaning rag


1 Use baby wipes to wipe up the handrails. These wipes work wonder for handrails like they do on children. Wipe in long, even strokes, using pressure, as long as the sticky residue gets vanished. Use a new wipe as required unless the whole handrail gets cleaned.
2 Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle if the baby wipes were not able to remove all the sticky remains. Twist the cap onto the bottle and gently shake to combine ingredients. The vinegar solution works safer for both unfinished as well as finished wooden handrails.
3 Directly do the spraying of the cleaning solution onto the handrail and use a cleaning rag to wipe it with. Keep doing it unless all remains get removed
4 Clean off the handrails using a damp cloth to take out any leftover remains or vinegar solution.


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